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  • € 2.340,00 In Stock
    Love In Verona is a collection inspired by the most beautiful cities in Italy. And it was to be expected that Roberto Coin once again found inspiration in places of unparalleled beauty, those that could give rise to designs like these yellow gold earrings.
  • € 1.750,00 In Stock
    Palazzo Ducale, the new collection of Roberto Coin that has as protagonist the Ducal Palace of Venice. This is one of the most exquisite collections we have had in Grau, so you can see it in these earrings in rose gold and black diamonds, we are sure you have been looking for them.
  • € 79,00 In Stock
    Words are not necessary when you can express yourself with your look. Include this beautiful and subtle two-tone piece among your jewels. From the Pandora Moments Collection, you can choose this delicate gift to yourself or for that especial person to you. Love comes in many presentations and the Pandora Gold Heart Earrings is one of the best.
  • € 1.100,00 In Stock
    Fluid like universal love, these Gucci earrings fascinate for their natural way of blending with your casual looks. Let yourself be seduced by the Link to Love collection: a vision of the world where the feminine and masculine cease to exist, to merge into a whole where there are no borders.
  • € 3.500,00 In Stock
    Nudo is one of the most successful collections of the Maison Pomellato, now, the new additions to the collection under the label Nudo Gelé are pieces in which the icy effect adorns the main stones, such as these Pomellato Nudo Gelé earrings in rose gold and white topaz.
  • € 3.800,00 In Stock
    The Nudo Gelé collection features pieces such as these earrings in rose gold, topaz and mother-of-pearl, worked down to the smallest detail. Again, we see in this jewelry the iconic frozen finish of the Gelé line, embodied in turquoise with frosted effect that intensifies the colors of the gems.
  • € 3.130,00 In Stock
    The Love In Verona collection is constantly being renewed, Roberto Coin is a firm that is determined to add more pieces to each collection, pieces like these yellow gold earrings that you will need in your personal jewelry box, here in Grau we tell you more details about these beautiful earrings.
  • € 550,00 In Stock
    With an energetic sobriety that makes you fall in love, the Gucci earrings in yellow gold surprise with their delicate character, but that does not go unnoticed. Relive the timeless power of classic in your fresh or elegant looks with these pretty GG stud earrings.
  • € 590,00 In Stock
    These beautiful Gucci earrings stop time to make you look classic and timeless in any outfit with which you want to feel free and unique. Wear them in your most sober outfits and make a difference
  • € 260,00 In Stock
    If freedom and creativity are your territory, these Gucci earrings are here to brighten your life. Wear them on any occasion when you want to express to the world your love for something different.
  • € 89,00 In Stock
    Join the new era of jewelry with these ultra-modern Swarovski earrings. Bright and fascinating in character, now your casual outfits will tell an avant-garde story that will never go unnoticed.
  • € 75,00 In Stock
    Nature in your favorite outfits. PDPAOLA's precious ZAZA collection is inspired by the wonderful insects, which with their transforming power, keep forests in sublime bloom. With an impressive and colorful design, you can make with these sensitive PDPAOLA earrings, a tribute to the little things.
  • € 895,00 In Stock
    The combination of gemstones in these Good Mood earrings could be considered as absolute perfection. Wear them on occasions where you need an extra sparkle factor and feel the transformative power of expertly crafted jewelry.
  • € 895,00 In Stock
    A dream come true, and in the most spectacular way. So are the rose gold earrings from the new Good Mood collection. A bet by the Catalan firm to inspire your everyday days to become an extraordinary memory.
  • € 1.055,00 In Stock
    A deep sense of inspiration will flood you with the stunning rose gold earrings. Precious from any perspective, the Good Mood earrings will give summer sea appeal to any look in which you want to enhance its uniqueness.
  • € 895,00 In Stock
    Here you have the wow factor of your comfort looks. Every set deserves bright and fascinating earrings like the ones in the Good Mood Grau collection. A performance crafted by expert jewelers that adds color magic to your monochrome days.
  • € 150,00 In Stock
    To accompany the subtle mini rose gold necklace, these two mini hoop earrings in rose gold and blue ceramic belong to Dodo's Granelli collection. We are sure they are pieces that can be paired with other jewelry such as a simple gold chain or a mini Granelli bracelet.
  • € 1.470,00 In Stock
    These beautiful gold and topaz earrings resemble two drops of water in which you can see the depth of the sea. Each topaz is worked in such a delicate and perfect way, they will become indispensable in your most formal looks.
  • € 6.170,00 In Stock
    When it comes to sparkle there is no limit to what you can do, and this spectacular Snakes piercing earring has so much sparkle that it will be very difficult to go unnoticed. Each piece in the collection is unique, see below for more details.
  • € 1.470,00 In Stock
    You don't need to wear anything else, this gold and diamond piercing earring has it all. It is as subtle as it is irreverent, we never imagined that a symbol as controversial as the snake would become a worthy image of power and elegance.
  • € 8.670,00 In Stock
    The Snakes collection is only for women who dare to wear such an iconic piece of jewelry, like this piercing earring by Ole Lynggaard. Striking, elegant and very irreverent, so is this Snakes piercing; in fact, we dare say that the entire collection is designed to awaken the fire in you.
  • € 2.670,00 In Stock
    The pieces of the Snakes collection by Ole Lynggaard are different from each other, if you ask us which one we prefer, we are going to say all of them, especially this 18K yellow gold and five white diamonds piercing earring.
  • € 995,00 In Stock
    You will find the shapes of water as a reference of the Design collection. The outstanding firm Ole Lynggaard has succeeded in being inspired by an element as vital as exquisite, at least those are the sensations conveyed by these yellow gold and rutile quartz earrings.
  • € 99,00 In Stock
    The hoop earrings in sterling silver and Contemporary Pearls highlight the softness and good vibrations that the sea makes you feel. They are earrings adorned mainly with two cultured pearls white freshwater, to further embellish your face and make you look exclusive wherever you go.
  • Out of stock
    If you are one of those who think that less is more, this collection by PDPAOLA will fascinate you. L'Essentiel reinvents basic jewelry to create timelessly beautiful pieces. This time the Yoko earrings, simply declare the beauty of the classic.
  • € 169,00 In Stock
    Earrings they radiate elegance, daring and sophistication. This distinctive piece of jewelry belongs to the Collection I, Millenia collection. Plated in rhodium and with Swarovski zirconia these earrings are one of the most exclusive and accessories that can be found. Ideal for risky women, they can be used on any occasion.
  • € 119,00 In Stock
     Earrings Constella have the distinction of having an asymmetrical design. Thus, being one of the women's earrings most original and striking that can be found in the Collection I, Constella collection. Likewise, they are a jewel that revolutionizes the design of classic and conventional earrings, ideal for risky women who want to show off their best...
  • € 119,00 In Stock
    earrings radiate subtlety, elegance and minimalism. The design of these accessories for women is inspired by the softness of the clouds, taking care of even the smallest finish of the piece. Rose gold-plated, these women's earrings reflect a rather understated classic style. Likewise, this distinguished piece can be used in any situation or celebration.
  • € 129,00 In Stock
    Constella Swarovski earrings stand out for having an asymmetric design quite innovative and striking, ideal for the most daring and daring women who like to wear Swarovski crystals. These women's earrings belong to the 'Collection I de Constella' collection, combining perfectly with any of their other pieces.
  • € 79,00 In Stock
    Earrings are one of the most classic jewels for women that can be found in the Angelic, Attract collection. Ideal for any season. They stand out, thanks to their brilliance due to the inlay of Swarovski crystals and pendant elements with a single tone, this women's jewelry guarantees a sober style, but it will undoubtedly help you not go unnoticed...
  • € 65,00 In Stock
    Your intuitive and sensitive personality will feel very identified with these beautiful PDPAOLA sterling silver earrings. With a sweet and bright character, you will take your divinity to feel comfortable in its element.
  • € 65,00 In Stock
    Celebrate life, love and your sweetest emotions with this stunning 18K yellow gold plated Bond bracelet. In addition to having a design that will leave you speechless, you can embody your deepest feelings in the padlock.
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