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  • € 1.250,00 In Stock
    My Essence is an emblematic collection inspired by diversity, cultures, beliefs and shapes. The
  • € 540,00 In Stock
    Be inspired and perpetuate your faith in a brilliant way. Grau stud earrings create
  • € 970,00 In Stock
    With an angelic spirit, the My Essence earrings
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    In these attractive My Essence earrings
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    The eternal spirit of the sea will rock your looks with the amazing My Essence Earrings
  • € 395,00 In Stock
    There is no nicer feeling than wearing earrings that remind you of your essence in a simple yet refined way. These
  • € 220,00 In Stock
    Inspiring you to fly, the Grau butterfly earrings
  • € 130,00 In Stock
    Inspiring, pure and crafted by master jewelers, the My Essence earrings
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    The precious organic shapes that characterize these earrings My Essence
  • € 165,00 In Stock
    Minimalism expressed in a refined way, is the bet of the My Essence collection
  • € 730,00 In Stock
    Fascinate yourself with jewelry that reminds you of your essence. My Essence is one of the flagship collect
  • € 6.500,00 In Stock
    The beauty of these precious Fantina Pomellato earrings lies in their sinuous curves that evoke the equestrian world. This uniquely inspired design is designed for you to explore your equestrian side in day or evening attire. Highlight your love for minimalism and the refined beauty of form with the timeless Fantina earrings.
  • € 3.500,00 In Stock
    A universe of possibilities will be drawn before you thanks to the Fantina Rose Gold Pomellato earrings. With a sinuous design inspired by the equestrian world, you will be able to wear in your favorite looks, minimalist and contemporary pieces that match your Amazonian personality.
  • Out of stock
    You will love the Nudo earrings for two reasons: first, because they are the version of the most iconic Pomellato Knot ring; and second, because they have a really tempting look, given by their technique and their unparalleled nuances. Meet your next eternal love, with the Amethyst Knot earrings.
  • € 5.500,00 In Stock
    Your outfits will take on iconic status with Pomellato's Nudo Pomellato earrings. Why? Because they make an impact with their essential, contemporary style and demonstrate Pomellato's passion for color by choosing delicious chocolate tones that create an atmosphere of preciousness in any pioneering look you want to wear.
  • € 5.500,00 In Stock
    If you wear the Nudo Chocolate earrings, you will be wearing a contemporary style icon. An eternal surprise of color, these treasures represent Pomellato's passion for unusual shades and precious materials. Dare to unleash your contemporary spirit with jewelry designed to bring out your uniqueness.
  • € 730,00 In Stock
    Inspiration is the seed of life, and these iconic My Essence earrings are here to remind you of that. Crafted by master jewelers, these treasures will be the best-kept secret to your casual looks where you want to express your genuine creativity.
  • € 260,00 In Stock
    You look at them and you fall in love. So are the new My Essence stud earrings, a tender representation of the organic and the spirit of nature. Neatly crafted by master jewelers, Grau earrings will be the inspiring addition to your casual looks.
  • € 950,00 In Stock
    Iconic earrings that leave no one indifferent. They are striking pieces in delicate rose gold that leave a trail of delight wherever you go. Create dreamy outfits with My Essence earrings and explore your most iconic side.
  • € 3.550,00 In Stock
    Your looks deserve the luminous touch that these Move Uno Messika diamond pave earrings emanate. In perfect 18K white gold you can wear an iconic design of the House, ideal to express your sophisticated personality. Sober, graphic and bright, these treasures will harmonize any outfit with balance and elegance.
  • € 1.790,00 In Stock
    Integrate treasures that have it all into your looks: diamond pavé, captivating design and feminine energy. The Messika earrings from the Move Uno collection will be all the rage wherever you go for their eloquent and fluid way of expressing themselves in your world. In addition, the precious shine that emanates from its diamonds will illuminate your face...
  • € 990,00 In Stock
    We are sure that any daring and revolutionary look should include an earcuff, and especially if it is an exclusive piece made by the Messika firm. Behind this irreverent jewel there is an accessory that represents an international “trend”, but not only; It also makes a difference in your jewelry sets, since you won't have to pierce your cartilage to show...
  • € 165,00 In Stock
    Sophisticated and daring, so are the Swarovski Octagonal Hoop Earrings. From the Dextera collection, and with a modern and industrial look, you will feel unique with these earrings decorated with striking Swarovski crystals pavés. Wearing them, rest assured that you will always captivate the attention of all those people around you.
  • € 105,00 In Stock
    Formal or informal, no matter the look you decide to wear in your day to day, with the Swarovski Millenia Necklace you will bring that great detail of elegance to your outfit. Wear it and discover yourself feminine and distinguished with this wonderful pendant made with the exquisite refinement of the Swarovski firm.
  • € 75,00 In Stock
    The Swarovski firm, in its continuous exploration of the limits of crystal, presents the Green Button Earrings Gem Swarovski, a jewel that cradles within it an indecipherable mystery full of light and color: a tireless search for the perfect size of a crystal for the perfect woman.
  • € 115,00 In Stock
    With the Blue Button Earrings Dulcis Swarovski you will not go unnoticed. Forged under the influence of pop culture, the creative director Giovanna Engelbert has given free rein to all her imagination to give life to these magical earrings that will make you stand out in your day to day with exquisite brightness and color.  
  • € 115,00 In Stock
    The Green Button Earrings Dulcis Swarovski will be your safe bet to distinguish yourself, either with elegance in that long-awaited special moment or with joy and determination in your day to day. Let yourself be seduced by these striking earrings and add splendor and color to your look.       
  • € 125,00 In Stock
    Elegant, exclusive, sparkling and seductive: these are some of the adjectives that will come to your mind when you wear the Harmonia Earrings With Swarovski Drops. Although, the main feature of these earrings is their versatility: you can wear them in your day to day or in those special evenings when you want to enhance the brightness of your outfit and...
  • Out of stock
    The revolution arrives at your jewelry with the perfect earrings in rose gold and black jade from the Sauvage Privé collection. Inspired by architectural forms, these Roberto Coin earrings will magnify any look with which you feel iconic.
  • Out of stock
    The art in these beautiful earrings Roberto Coin will leave you as surprised as in love. Handcrafted by master jewelers, the earrings from the Sauvage Privé collection will balance your iconic looks and give them revolutionary purity.
  • € 1.595,00 In Stock
    Connect yourself with fascinating designs with the My Essence collection. If you love the surprising, the earrings with irregular rings arrive, which will make you fall in love from the first moment with their inspiration in natural shapes and their balanced appearance. Essential earrings that you can wear on any occasion and season.
  • € 1.595,00 In Stock
    Feel iconic with oval earrings from the My Essence collection. These new pieces by Grau in rose gold, represent the seeds and are inspired by the divine nature that inhabits each person. They are very special pieces, and you can wear them on any occasion to feel embraced by the brilliance and purity that their elaboration brings by master jewelers.
Showing 1 - 32 of 414 items

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