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    The Dinh Van Pulse necklace joins the new Jewelry Grau online jewelry collection. The brand makes a beautiful necklace in rose gold and diamonds that give a sensation of movement due to their harmonic arrangement in the necklace.
  • € 149,00 In Stock
    The precious handcrafted universe of UNOde50 is embellished with the Mystery necklace
  • € 129,00 In Stock
    Everyday life will never be boring again with the Ikon UNOde50 necklace
  • € 129,00 In Stock
    The new obsession of your jewelry box: the delicate choker where spirituality and beauty coincide to accompany you in your everyday styles. The Soul Craft collection presents beautiful handcrafted pieces that stand out for their ability to give you a little piece of
  • € 199,00 In Stock
    Balance is the best kept secret of this UNOde50 jewelry
  • € 99,00 In Stock
    A blank canvas that you can customize according to your mood, your outfit, or even the weather! You are the owner and artist of this jewelry as striking as it is incredible. Add
  • € 320,00 In Stock
    The disruptive energy of the Gucci brand can be felt with the indomitable Interlocking G necklace
  • € 2.840,00 In Stock
    Your happiness will be reflected in a piece of jewelry where dance creates a beautiful dynamic effect in your outfits. This
  • € 1.830,00 In Stock
    Happiness has become jewelry to merge with your optimistic and joyful mood. You will see in the Chopard nec
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    The Chopard spirit dances in the eternal Happy Diamonds necklace
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    A sense of heaven comes alive in the design of this exclusive Chopard necklace
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    Beat in unison with the stars is possible with the cosmic Stellina necklace. Travel to your essence with jewelry that has the gift of transforming your mood into something positive and bright. Your daily life will be something extraordinary with DoDo!
  • € 7.300,00 In Stock
    Connect to your creative nature with the Fantina collection: the Italian brand's interpretation of equestrian shapes and naturalness. Your looks deserve a bit of disruptive style...treat yourself or give a Pomellato necklace that can be worn as a sautoir or as a lariat: you are the artist!
  • € 9.000,00 In Stock
    Inspired by the sinuous curves of the equestrian world, the Fantina Necklace reminds you with its design and refined simplicity, that you are the master of your destiny and you can make it relentlessly beautiful with contemplative jewelry like this minimalist Pomellato women's necklace.
  • € 99,00 In Stock
    Throughout History, the heart has been a representative icon with which we transmit to our loved ones different and varied feelings. From the Pandora Moments collection comes the Pandora Golden Heart Necklace, a proposal with a captivating sweetness: It will awake feelings of love to transmit in your environment or to give it as a gift to that special...
  • € 2.990,00 In Stock
    On this occasion Messika surprises us with this delicate and elegant necklace with diamonds and rose gold from her Joy Trilogy collection. Do not miss the opportunity, and get the Messika Diamond and Rose Gold Necklace, which will make you look different, unique, and special.
  • € 2.480,00 In Stock
    Light up every path you go with this Lucky Move Turquoise Necklace from Messika. The turquoise colour of its medal and the diamond in the centre will make your neck shine in a magical and different way, making you the star of any event with this necklace from the Parisian brand Messika.
  • € 105,00 In Stock
    Influenced by the Pop Art movement, Swarovski has conceived with its characteristic authenticity and creativity the beautiful Blue Necklace Dulcis. Designed to give light, color and joy to your days, this choker necklace has the versatility to accompany other necklaces bringing a unique Swarovski touch.
  • € 105,00 In Stock
    The Green Necklace Dulcis Swarovski is an exceptional piece of jewelry. It will express the unique personality that makes you so special. Without leaving aside the elegance and distinction, get your hopes up with this fun necklace full of color and make a difference in any occasion. Make it possible with Swarovski.
  • € 400,00 In Stock
    This dazzling choker will be the star of your special jewelry collection. With personality and elegance, here comes the Harmonia Swarovski Choker to match with your beauty and bring to your days the creativity and versatility that your style demands.
  • € 1.600,00 In Stock
    If you fall in love with pure and tasteful jewelry, this Roberto Coin necklace will steal your heart with its striking bright character. Bring a piece of the most sophisticated Italy with this piece from the Princess Flower Roberto Coin collection.
  • € 79,00 In Stock
    Pandora reaffirms her bond with today's woman by creating this beautiful jewel that you will wear close to your heart. The Pandora Two Circles Pendant Necklace, with a creative and versatile design, will seduce you with its charm and magnetism. In the Pandora universe, this iconic jewel will be perfect to complement all your looks. It will make you look...
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    With a stylized design, the necklace in rose gold and rose resin pearls is an inspiring piece of jewelry, handcrafted with which you can connect with your most spiritual essence.
  • Out of stock
    A celestial creation arrives with which you will connect deeply, for its purity and divine expression. Let yourself be struck by the harmony of a timeless jewel delicately crafted by hand.
  • € 995,00 In Stock
    With a beautiful presence, the Gigi necklace, faithfully represents the quality values of the French firm. This impressive jewel for its materials and workmanship, constitutes the harmonic complement that will make you connect with your deepest being.
  • € 470,00 In Stock
    Add a beautiful sacred expression to your most personal looks. It is a rosary necklace in rose gold that will become the most special gift, whether you buy it for yourself or for an exceptional person.
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    The French firm brings you a beautiful jewel that exalts the beauty of the sacred and the Catholic tradition. It is a necklace that gently combines rose gold and pink resin pearls that surround the entire chain. Connect with your spiritual self with the Madone Gigi CLOZEAU necklace.
  • € 495,00 In Stock
    Be accompanied by a jewel that exudes fresh elegance. It is a beautiful Gigi necklace, in which the ancestral technique of the French firm is reflected. Spend your summer days in the most expressive way possible, with a rose gold and resin necklace that will make you fall in love.
  • € 495,00 In Stock
    Sigh as you wear an inspiring necklace that transcends your summer looks. Live this season with joy thanks to this Gigi jewel full of ancient technique, purity and color. Express to the world without words your love for the sacred.
  • € 495,00 In Stock
    Subtlety, ancient technique and pure style come together in a necklace that has everything to become your favorite summer jewel. On this occasion the French firm delights with a refreshing work, full of 'Joie de Vivre' and beauty.
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    The combination of textures, nuances and ancient technique in this Gigi necklace are the definition of the word perfection. Integrate a jewel full of 'Joie de Vivre' to your look and get ready to feel luck on your side.
  • € 615,00 In Stock
    Luck melts around your neck with a piece full of ancient technique. It is a beautiful Gigi necklace that exudes divinity and sophistication and inspires you to look impressive in your summer looks.
Showing 1 - 32 of 545 items

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