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Reinvent your style. Personalize your bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with gold charms with which you feel identified. Your imagination is the limit. Dodo Jewelry at Grau Jewelry.

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  • € 370,00 In Stock
    The Dodo Stars Earring is the new creation of the house that is included in the new online jewelry collection for women from Jewelry Grau. On this occasion, the brand presents us incredible button earring with stars in rose gold and diamonds that dangle delicately to give dynamism to your styles.
  • € 330,00 In Stock
    The Dodo Rope bracelet will captivate you with its simple elegance. This accessory is incorporated into the new jewelry collection for women from Jewelry Grau. It is a navy-blue cotton rope bracelet and stars in 9k rose gold. The 60 cm rope will adapt perfectly to your wrist and has golden details that will embellish it.
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    Beat in unison with the stars is possible with the cosmic Stellina necklace. Travel to your essence with jewelry that has the gift of transforming your mood into something positive and bright. Your daily life will be something extraordinary with DoDo!
  • € 1.590,00 In Stock
    Your wrist will be the showcase of a true work of art: it is the inspiring Stellina bracelet for women, a piece of Dodo jewelry, crafted with mastery and delicacy. Show off the cosmos and feel infinite with jewelry that lasts forever.
  • € 310,00 In Stock
    As delicate as the trail of a shooting star in the sky, the Dodo bracelet adds cosmos charm to your wrist. The Stellina collection finds inspiration in the organic shapes that sublimate and move us and turns them into jewelry for life. Shine unstoppably wherever you go with the Stellina bracelet!
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    Feel comfortable and sublime wearing this beautiful sidereal element. With organic shapes and an exquisite looking design, this
  • € 780,00 In Stock
    Add to your cosmic and eternal world a piece of wonderful sidereal spirit with organic shapes. The Dodo ros
  • € 165,00 In Stock
    Love is the universal language that transforms and sublimates everything. This beautiful Dodo charm, arrives to become your most representative amulet, where creativity, colors and harmony are the flag that welcome you to a territory where peace rules.
  • € 170,00 In Stock
    Dodo brings an organic collection where the natural character of the Italian firm emerges. This time the Mini Granelli bracelet for women exquisitely combines fascinating materials that will make your outfits truly captivating.
  • Out of stock
    This beautiful cotton bracelet belongs to Dodo's Nodo collection. The firm has always sought to give us pieces of great delicacy, and this bracelet or bracelet is no exception. Starting with the versatility it gives you to wear it with any color or print (no matter the season).
  • € 150,00 In Stock
    To accompany the subtle mini rose gold necklace, these two mini hoop earrings in rose gold and blue ceramic belong to Dodo's Granelli collection. We are sure they are pieces that can be paired with other jewelry such as a simple gold chain or a mini Granelli bracelet.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    The marine inspiration has taken over Dodo, and it is impossible not to love this charm or shell pendant in rose gold if it is a simple detail that adorns all skin types. We like that Dodo is committed to launching basic pieces that can be collectible and can also be worn with bracelets, necklaces and chains.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Dodo has brought out new pieces for its collection of basic jewelry that every woman should have, either to complement pieces like chains, necklaces and bracelets or to wear on their own as a symbol of simplicity. We give you more details on this Dodo rose gold shell pendant:
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    This white gold and diamond letter & diamond pendant is a variation of the rose gold letter & diamond charm, only this time Dodo has thought of the white gold lovers, and why not? It has added a subtle white diamond detail to make it clear that each piece has its own personality.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    Charm or pendant of Dodo rose gold letter & that you can wear in jewelry such as chains or bracelets, this detail will fit your skin as if it were part of you. Dodo has been inspired by other pieces of its collections to design this elemental jewel that can complement your looks without stealing the limelight.
  • € 560,00 In Stock
    Dodo bets on pieces of great delicacy, although their collections are different from each other, they all share a similarity: they want to highlight the feminine side of their customers, even the smallest ones. And that feeling can be found in this beautiful mini necklace in rose gold and blue ceramic Granelli.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Silver and black leather are present in the silver Dodo bracelet from the Nodo collection to help you enhance any casual look you want to complement. It has a silver clasp and terminals, along with a black leather cord. Fits 14 to 15 cm. Available in sizes S, M, L and XXL for versatility.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    This silver Dodo bracelet is perfect for casual and informal looks. It is made with a silver clasp and endings and a burgundy leather cord. It fits between 14 to 15 centimeters. It is available in sizes S, M, L and XXL.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Silver bracelet with black leather cord is the perfect accessory to complement looks for outings with friends and casual get-togethers. It belongs to the Nodo collection. It is crafted with silver and black leather clasp and terminals. It has a lace between 14 to 15 cm. It is available in sizes S, M, L and XXL.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Silver accessories give a touch of extra sparkle to any outfit. They are versatile, as you can wear them both day and night. And this 925 silver Dodo necklace from the Nodo collection, with a central element with bayonet clasp also crafted in 925 silver is the accessory that is missing in your jewelry box. It has a length of 42 centimeters.
  • € 35,00 In Stock
    If you already have a chain or bracelet and want to personalize it with a quality accessory, the Dodo silver charm from their Nodo collection may be just what you need. It is made of silver and silicone and has a unique and elegant design that will enhance the garments on which you place it.
  • € 610,00 In Stock
    A Dodo rose gold necklace never goes out of style. They are a showcase of luxury in a subtle way that elevates the beauty of any outfit you choose to wear. This necklace from the Nodo collection, is crafted in 9kt rose gold. It has a central element with a bayonet clasp also crafted in 9kt rose gold. And it has a length of 42 centimeters.
  • € 210,00 In Stock
    The Nodo collection is casual, and proof of this is the 925 silver Sautoir pendant with 5 stopper, also in silver. It has a length of 80 centimeters which makes it ideal to combine with other pendants to complete a look that will impress everyone.
  • € 790,00 In Stock
    Rose gold is one of the most precious metals for every woman who feels connected to her essence, and what better way to express this connection to the world than through a Dodo rose gold necklace? The Sautoir from the Nodo collection is made of 9kt rose gold with 5 stopper made of the same material. It has a length of 80 centimeters.
  • € 290,00 In Stock
    Who said chokers weren't for you? Dodo proves that this accessory is more fashionable than ever in its Nodo collection. The 9kt rose gold necklace with mini Nodo pendant and 9kt rose gold plate is the accessory that every woman needs to have. It has an adjustable length of 40 centimeters.
  • Out of stock
    Dodo knows your tastes very well. And is that in its Nodo collection you can find the 9kt rose gold bracelet or bangle with bayonet clasp to let out that sensual and feminine side in you. It fits between 14.50 to 15.50. Also, it is available in sizes S, M and L.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    Dodo continues to surprise us with a new accessory in its Nodo collection. It is the 925 silver ring that you can wear both daily and for special events, as it will give your hands a unique shine and a sober touch. It is available from size 48 to 58.
  • € 130,00 In Stock
    Nodo is undoubtedly a versatile collection for the woman you are today. And the 925 silver bracelet or bangle with black cord and bayonet clasp is proof of that. It's feminine but doesn't let go of your free spirit. Maximum length is 15.50 cm.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Simple and combinable with everything. These are the words to define the new 925 silver Nodo bracelet with bayonet clasp. It fits between 14.50 and 15.50cm. It is available in sizes S, M and L to fit any wrist. It is the accessory that should not be missing in your collection.
  • € 235,00 In Stock
    What better way to redeem your zodiac sign than by wearing the Taurus Pendant in 18k yellow gold and red enamel? It's the perfect adornment for your neck and décolleté. It includes a black cord to match all your casual outfits and you can proudly wear the Zodiac collection ox from the Dodo brand's Zodiac collection.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Did you have in mind to wear a simple earring? You have to invest in this 9K rose gold earring from the Bollicine collection. It can accompany you both in formal events and for more relaxed moments but in which you still want to look impeccable.
  • € 420,00 In Stock
    Dodo has new accessories in its Bollicine Dodo collection. The 9kt rose gold earrings are an ode to femininity and elegance.  They feature 3 white diamonds of 0.22 ct that give a touch of luxury and exclusivity to any look you wear no matter the occasion. 
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