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Reinvent your style. Personalize your bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with gold charms with which you feel identified. Your imagination is the limit. Dodo Jewelry at Grau Jewelry.

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  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Dodo's 9k rose gold turtle pendant is enameled in pearl green. The turtle charm of the Sea Emotions collection is a tribute to the sea and our precious planet. The charm has a black cord included.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    9 karat pink gold fish charm from the Sea Emotions collection. The pendant has a pearl-toned blue enamel reminiscent of the seabed. The charm includes a black cord.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Medusa charm with precious lilac enamel, the pendant is in 9 carat rose gold from the Sea Emotions collection by Dodo. The charm can be worn with Dodo bracelets, earrings and necklaces and includes a black cord.
  • € 370,00 In Stock
    The 9 carat rose gold chain belongs to the Sea Emotions collection by Dodo. This collection is handcrafted with 100% ethical gold, and the marine links of the chain are a tribute to the seabed.
  • € 150,00 In Stock
    Ladybug charm in 9k rose gold and pink enamel by Dodo. The new limited version of the most beloved charm of the Italian firm, is made with a beautiful pink enamel. A black cord is included with the pendant.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    9K rose gold bee pendant and dodo fluorescent pink enamel. The charm of the Natura collection is a limited edition and is made in 3D that makes it more real than ever. The pink bee comes with a black lace.
  • € 130,00 In Stock
    The limited edition dodo bracelet is made from recycled plastics that have been collected from the Mediterranean Sea. The bracelet from the Granelli collection is stainless steel and has a medal with an enameled coral.
  • € 290,00 In Stock
    Unique 18K yellow gold earring in the shape of a Dodo bee. The earring has all the details of a bee due to its 3D design, and the body has black enamel stripes. Wear it alone or combined with other Dodo earrings and hoops.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    The Best Sellers of Dodo pendants is the star charm and now we have it in the mini version in 18-carat yellow gold. The star has always been the most loved and coveted charm, so now you can add it to your bracelets or necklaces from the Granelli collection.
  • € 690,00 In Stock
    Large silver earrings with 9 carat rose gold bubbles from the Bollicine collection by Dodo. The collection is the most minimalist of the Italian firm and each piece is produced piece by piece, in addition the large earrings are made up of 86 pieces, assembled by the artisans of the Dodo workshops.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    The 18-carat yellow gold mini moon charm is exclusive to Dodo´s Granelli collection bracelets and necklaces. The moon shaped pendant symbolizes the power of dreams, if you want, and you want to, you can achieve it.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    Mini four-leaf clover pendant in 18-carat yellow gold. The 4-leaf clover charm is a Dodo icon, so it could not be missing among the mini icons. Brighten up your bracelet with this talisman charm.
  • € 340,00 In Stock
    Bee charm in 18k yellow gold and black enamel from the Natura collection by Dodo. The new version of the bee charm is made in 3D just like the ladybug charm, making its designs very real. Celebrate your love of nature with the bee charm
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    The most loved charm is the ladybug and now dodo launches its mini version, especially for the bracelets and necklaces of the Mini Granelli collection. The 9-carat rose gold pendant is enameled in red and black spots creating a more realistic animal design.
  • € 110,00 In Stock
    Dodo charm in 18K yellow gold from the Animals collection. Dodo symbolizes his love for the creatures of nature creating the different figures of the most beloved animals. The figure of the Dodo symbolizes an infinite love.
  • € 590,00 In Stock
    Yellow gold bee charm with white diamonds on the wings and black diamonds on the Dodo. The bee represents the love for nature of the Italian firm and is the symbol of life and health. The 3D produced dodo charm is more real than ever.
  • € 290,00 In Stock
    Silver necklace with mini granites that symbolize the grains of sand on the exotic beaches of the Mauritius, where the Dodo firm was born 25 years ago. The necklace has a length of 42 cm and its inner chain is made of steel that matches the 9 carat rose gold bar clasp.
  • € 290,00 In Stock
    Sophisticated silver necklace with a 9 carat rose gold sliding dial from Dodo Bollicine. It is a contemporary and minimalist collection made by Dodo artisans in the workshops in Milan. The tie necklace has a length of 80 cm.
  • € 180,00 In Stock
    Celebrate its 25th anniversary with Dodo with the Mini Granelli collection. A line of bracelets and necklaces inspired by its origins and its love for nature. The silver bracelet has an internal steel chain and its clasp is an 18-carat gold bar. The measurement of the bracelet is for wrists between 14.50cm and 15.50cm.
  • € 450,00 In Stock
    The bracelet has mini silver and 9 carat rose gold granites that make it shiny and stylish. The Dodo Granelli mini collection is created by Dodo goldsmiths to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Italian firm. You can add the mini icons on your bracelet for further customization.
  • € 270,00 In Stock
    Titanium granite bracelet and steel inner chain from Dodo´s new Mini Granelli collection. In Grau Jewelry online you will find the charms of the mini icons collection to add to the bracelet and achieve total personalization.
  • € 260,00 In Stock
    9-carat rose gold ring with silver details from Dodo Bollicine. The cheery ring has five dangling jingling bubbles in 9-carat rose gold. The size of the ring is 53, check with our advisers for your ideal size.
  • € 180,00 In Stock
    The stylish bracelet is silver and its inner steel chain, Dodo relaunches its iconic Granelli collection in a new mini size. Small silver granelli evoke grains of sand. You can add mini icons such as Star, Clover and Moon to the bracelet, to get your own style.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    The silver ring and 3 bubbles in 9 carat rose gold is from the Bollicine collection by Dodo. The jewels in the Bollicine collection combine the expertise of jeweler goldsmiths and a fresh, everyday style. Wear the ring in company or just to find your personal style.
  • € 260,00 In Stock
    The 9-carat rose gold Dodo ring is combined with silver accents, plus 5 pendant rose gold dials. The ring size is 52, download the template to find out your size. The Bollicine collection is fresh and tinting thanks to the hanging bubbles.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    Silver Dodo ring with three 9 carat rose gold balls. The new Bollicine collection by Dodo is cheerful and fresh with small bubbles of gold, silver and white gold. The mixture of the metals forms a special combination.
  • € 235,00 In Stock
    The Chinese New Year Mouse Dodo Charm belongs to the exclusive collection of the Chinese Zodiac of Dodo. Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the rat are funny, friendly and versatile people, but above all they have endless resources to surprise others. They are very intuitive and reactive, characteristics that help you adapt to new situations. The...
  • € 95,00 In Stock
    Father's Day gift? The man bracelet with nugget and rings is the ideal gift for Father's Day. Simple and strong, the rounded nugget in the center will symbolize the bond between parents and children.
  • € 115,00 In Stock
    Father's Day gift? The man bracelet with beads and ghost is the ideal father's day gift. The ghost, funny and mysterious, will become dad's best friend.
  • € 415,00 In Stock
    Father's Day gift? The Rondelle men's bracelet is the gift idea for that special day. Minimalist and uncomplicated, this bracelet will remind your father of everything that has been with you for so many years.
  • € 230,00 In Stock
    Father's Day gift? The man bracelet with yellow gold clover is the ideal gift for Father's Day. Turn this gift into a good luck charm, with the 4-leaf clover, universal symbol.
  • € 125,00 In Stock
    Father's Day gift? The 'Dad' men's bracelet is the ideal father's day gift. The charm in the form of sheet with the word 'DAD' with a central crown, will make it clear that he is the king of the parents.
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