Relojes Tissot en Barcelona

Relojes Tissot en Barcelona

Tissot watches

Swiss Tissot Watches are synonymous of innovation and tradition. Thanks to their know-how, they create sports watches, classic men's watches, women's watches with a guarantee of quality and state-of-the-art mechanics. Choose trust and reliability. Choose Tissot Watches.

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  • € 650,00 In Stock
    Usability, functionality and purity, match perfectly in this piece of T-Sport watchmaking
  • € 465,00 In Stock
    With a contemporary sporty spirit, the Tissot PRS 516 with black leather strap is that casual yet elegant touch that will accompany you every day. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of Swiss technology and avant-garde style.
  • € 440,00 In Stock
    With an attractive appearance, the Tissot PRS 516 with brown leather strap brings a striking contemporary touch to any everyday look. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of technique and avant-garde style.
  • € 485,00 In Stock
    A sports watch is a piece that will always be ready to accompany you in your casual moments or those more energetic events. Precision and contemporary style come together in this attractive model from the T-Sport collection. Wear it every day and start seeing time in a different way.
  • € 515,00 In Stock
    Your daily life will become more interesting with this Tissot chronograph. With an informal appearance and very resistant materials, the Seastar 1000 Quartz becomes your perfect ally to live time in a different way.
  • € 750,00 In Stock
    Take your daily and sporty life to the next level. This automatic watch runs on the energy of its owner, because the movements of the wrist activate the operation of the mechanism. The Powermatic 80 movement provides a power reserve of 80 hours, which guarantees its accuracy, even if the watch is not worn for three days.
  • € 750,00 In Stock
    Style and performance are fused in a master watchmaking piece capable of bringing sophistication and functionality to your life. This is the spectacular Tissot Seastar 1000, a watch inspired by diving where its unidirectional bezel, diver's buckle strap and extension, as well as luminescent hands and indexes stand out. Take your routine and your sports...
  • € 315,00 In Stock
    This is a watch for men, with a case weighing 86 grams, made of stainless steel and brown leather. This time the firm Tissot gives us the T-Sport Supersport Gent with a classic design which we will detail below.
  • € 410,00 In Stock
    The T-Classic collection is inspired by the Tissot Gentlemen collection and was born from the desire to be able to offer contemporary women a simple watch that adapts to their current desires to look more elegant, more sober and more professional. We give you more details below.
  • € 450,00 In Stock
    This watch is a variety of its standard version in steel and interchangeable leather straps. The T-Classic collection for women seeks to create nuances between the tastes of today's woman and her need to have pieces that represent her even when the watch is the only piece she wears to complement her look.
  • € 355,00 In Stock
    This timeless Tissot Classic Watch is a masculine basic that, through its emblematic design, will take you on a journey to a vintage and genuine atmosphere. The sensitivity of its sober design is reflected in details such as its slim, rounded bezel and its soleil black dial. This PRX watch creates the perfect look and can be worn on any occasion, be it a...
  • € 395,00 In Stock
    This striking Tissot Supersport Chrono Watch is a piece that balancedly combines high Swiss technology, sporty design and comfort. If you dreamed of a sports chronograph that will accompany you on your most energetic days but also on more elegant occasions, here is a piece with a retro spirit that will magnify your time and make it worthwhile.
  • € 445,05 In Stock
    This stunning Supersport Chrono watch fuses never-before-seen style, Swiss high-tech with a sporty retro spirit that will make you stand out from the crowd. This Tissot timepiece has an imposing 45.5-millimeter case with a Swiss Made quartz movement. The T-Sport collection is ideal for everyday use, as well as in more energetic environments.
  • € 355,00 In Stock
    This distinctive Tissot Watch is a piece with special characteristics that favor your everyday looks in an exclusive way. The watch's wow factor is its iconic 1970s-inspired design and attractive barrel shape. The T-Classic collection is imposing and characterized by unmatched resistance.
  • € 355,00 In Stock
    The Tissot PRX Watch is a Swiss Made Quartz Movement piece that exudes elegance and sobriety. It presents a beautiful case with a diameter of 40 mm and consists of an attractive stainless steel bracelet that contrasts perfectly with the vintage dial. This Tissot timepiece will be the influential touch of your exclusive outfits.
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    The Tissot Gentleman Watch is an exclusive piece, inspired by a vintage design, with a Swiss Made quartz movement. This sophisticated and elegant accessory offers a unique quality at an exceptional price. Give quality time to your life, with the watch from the T-classic collection.
  • € 395,00 In Stock
    The PR 100 Lady Watch is an eclectic piece of jewelry that will gracefully adorn any occasion. It is a simple but very attractive design that, due to its classic character, will never go unnoticed. Create the ideal outfit for the perfect occasion with the Tissot watch.
  • € 1.040,00 In Stock
    The Tissot T-touch Connect Titanium Black Watch could be classified as exceptional. This model Solar Sports Watch belongs to the family T-T ouch Connect Solar Tissot, designed to give the most reliable time thanks to the very mechanism of a watch bracelet Traditional addition to offering you the main features of a Smartwatch.
  • € 1.040,00 In Stock
    The Tissot T-touch Titanium and black PVD Watch is one of the most elegant and sophisticated versions of the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar model. This tactile watch with solar recharge takes the Tissot philosophy to the highest...
  • € 1.065,00 In Stock
    Descobreix el Rellotge Tissot T-Touch titani i or rosa amb veritable segell Swissmade. Arriba a la col·lecció de Tissot una nova versió del seu rellotge tàctil, el nou Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar, pensat per acompanyar-te sempre.
  • € 980,00 In Stock
    The watch Tissot T - Touch Titanium black rubber belongs to the new range of watches Tissot T Touch Connect Solar, a descendant of the first multi - touch watch history, created in 1999. This new version features a more modern and elegant design with a clear technical, off-road and sporty identity, but always preserving the essence of a wristwatch.
  • € 980,00 In Stock
    The Tissot T-Touch titanium and red rubber is a traditional Swiss wristwatch with a touch of connectivity, without losing the functionality and reliability we expect from a sports watch. Discover the fusion between technology and tradition with the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar.
  • € 1.080,00 In Stock
    The watch Tissot T - Touch Connect Solar Titanium is more than a watch, it is a work of art of watchmaking and advanced technology. Based on traditional watchmaking, this new range and Tissot to been created to connect with your day to day. Discover the new watch bracelet and solar touch of Tissot.
  • Out of stock
    The new Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic Chronograph is a classic and feminine watch, with a semi-sporty aesthetic, perfect for everyday use. With this line extension, Tissot has wanted to bring women a model with quartz machinery with details and high quality finishes, without ever losing sight of usability and functionality.
  • € 340,00 In Stock
    The Tissot Sport Gent Watch comes with force to the T-Classic collection of the house. This time, we fall in love with an exceptional creation: an analog stainless steel watch with a navy blue dial that contrasts with the steel to give distinction to the design. It has sapphire crystal to protect it and a tightness of 10bar.
  • € 240,00 In Stock
    The white Tissot Dream Watch is the brand's new creation that is incorporated into the T-Classic collection. This time, the house reinvents a jewelery classic. It is an analog watch made of stainless steel and brown leather strap that will surprise you with its sophisticated design, its lightness and its precision.
  • € 450,00 In Stock
    This distinctive Tissot Watch is a special accessory that flatters your daily looks in a very relevant way. The watch's wow factor is its large 43 mm diameter case and its Swissmatic automatic movement, made in Switzerland and with a power reserve of up to three days. The Tissot Gent XL collection is imposing and characterized by unmatched functionality.
  • € 410,00 In Stock
    The Tissot Gent XL Swissmatic watch is an automatic part that exudes elegance and authenticity. It has a large box with a diameter of 43 mm stainless steel and a beautiful brown leather bracelet that contrasts perfectly. This piece of watch will be the influential touch of your most sober outfits.
  • € 280,00 In Stock
    This impressive Tissot Gent XL Watch combines balance, high Swiss technology and urban design, ideal to wear with everyday looks. This Tissot creation presents three 42mm hands with a quartz movement, taking sport dynamics as inspiration, but without neglecting the classic aesthetic. The Gent XL collection is perfect for everyday use, as well as in more...
  • € 470,00 In Stock
    This stunning Tissot Gent XL automatic watch exudes Swiss elegance and high technology. Its main characteristic is reflected in its large diameter 43 mm case and its Swiss-made automatic Swissmatic movement, offering up to three days of power reserve. Stand out from the crowd with the prestige of the Gent XL collection.
  • € 280,00 In Stock
    This impressive Tissot Gent XL Watch fuses an unusual style, Swiss high technology with urban design, that will make you stand out from the crowd. This Tissot timepiece has three 42mm hands with quartz movement, inspired by a sporty dynamic, but without neglecting the classic essence. The Gent XL collection is ideal for everyday use, as well as in more...
  • € 420,00 In Stock
    The attractive Tissot Supersport Chronograph harmoniously blends Swiss design with sporty personality. It has an impressive 45.5 millimeter case and a beautiful beige bracelet that will add elegance to your style. The Supersport collection is your perfect choice to create sublime moments.
Showing 1 - 32 of 89 items

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