Bags of Ethics

Bags of Ethics

They are jute, ecological, durable and above all, manufactured in an ethical way. Being ecofriendly goes beyond recycling, is knowing the origin of the products we consume.

As an ecofriendly company, we want to know the origin of the materials used in the products we buy and who is behind their manufacture. This is how we got to know the Bags of Ethics TM.

Under the slogan "You are what you wear", this certificate works to ensure that the bags have been produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly factory, and that it meets very demanding standards throughout the production chain.

Our new limited edition jute bags are ethical and ecological.

They are in charge of auditing the manufacturers, to ensure that the bags that we carry daily, are made with natural and ecological materials from local commerce, that the products are subjected to quality and resistance controls to be able to use them for more than 5000 times, that the inks used to print the bags comply with REACH1 in addition to other strict European standards on the protection of the environment, and above all that the factory is safe, has the best working conditions and complies with the rights of employees.

Thanks to their work and the good work of ethical suppliers, we can feel a little more relieved, seeing that the products we manufacture, comply with rules of conduct and controlled production and not abusive to the environment or people.

We are proud to say, that our jute bags are Bags of EthicsTM.

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