We explain below all the possibilities of customization that you can request in Joieria Grau.

  1. Ring sizes
  2. Engravings
  3. Additional set diamond
  4. Different combination of stones
  5. Different combination of metals
  6. Necklace with name (#Youridentity)
  7. Pendant with letter or special character (#Youridentity)
  8. Custom jewellery from 0

1. Ring sizes

If you do not find your ring size in the drop-down of the articles or in the table of equivalences, you can ask for your exact size by contacting us using the contact form.


2. Engravings

If you want to engrave some phrase, date or special word in your jewel, do not hesitate to ask for it. Almost all the jewels of our line of Joieria Grau product line can be customized with an engraving.


a. Basic (Free of charge)

At Joieria Grau we offer a basic engraving service free of charge.

In the product sheets that are suitable for engraving, you will find the drop-down "Add engraving". You will have to follow the instructions indicated there.

You will be able to choose between the following fonts:


When processing the order we will contact you in a maximum of 48 working hours, to send you a digital sample of how the text will look like.


b. Colour

It is possible to add a touch of colour to your engraving. If you want, you can apply a coloured enamel filling. The engraving will look bright and fun. Contact us for more information.


c. Handwritten text, drawings and signatures

If you wish, you can give a personal touch to the engraving, writing yourself the text in your own handwriting, a small line drawing or a signature.

You only have to send us a photograph of the writing and we will digitalize it to engrave it with laser. Contact us for more information.


3. Additional set diamonds

If you want to give a special touch to gold rings such as wedding rings, you can order the setting of a small diamond on the inside or outside. They add value and are a way of enriching a simple jewel. Contact us for more information.


4. Other combination of stones

If you like a jewel, but prefer it with stones of another colour, or with other gems, just contact us. We will inform you and carry out a simulation of the colour change on an existing model.


5. Other combination of metals

Just like changing stones, it is possible to make all our jewels in different metals: white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum.

If you want a jewel in a different colour from the one on the website, just contact us.

6. Necklace with name (#Youridentity)

The name necklaces of the #Youridentity line are customizable items. We have several example models with the most requested names. If you do not find the name you are looking for, you want to put another text, or you want a personalized order, please contact us. Tell us the model you like and the name you want.

7. Pendant with letter or special character (#Youridentity)

The name pendants or special characters of the #Youridentity line are customizable items. We have several example models with the most requested letters. If you do not find the letter you are looking for, or want a custom order with a special character, please contact us. Tell us the model you like and the letter or symbol you want to apply.


8. Custom jewellery from 0

Our designers and master goldsmiths will devise a tailor-made project for you. According to your needs, wishes and budget, we will carry out a special order, starting with the idea, sketch and 3D model and ending with the casting, assembly, polishing and setting of your jewel. If you would like a completely custom-made piece, only for you, please contact us.


Important information

Custom orders may take several days, depending on the degree of customization, difficulty or time needed for confirmation of the design. In any case, when placing a custom order, we will indicate the approximate delivery date.

During the processing of a custom order, you will receive a quote and you will be informed of the terms of payment.

Custom orders cannot be returned or exchanged for another item.

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