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  • € 730,00 In Stock
    Inspiration is the seed of life, and these iconic My Essence earrings are here to remind you of that. Crafted by master jewelers, these treasures will be the best-kept secret to your casual looks where you want to express your genuine creativity.
  • € 260,00 In Stock
    You look at them and you fall in love. So are the new My Essence stud earrings, a tender representation of the organic and the spirit of nature. Neatly crafted by master jewelers, Grau earrings will be the inspiring addition to your casual looks.
  • € 950,00 In Stock
    Iconic earrings that leave no one indifferent. They are striking pieces in delicate rose gold that leave a trail of delight wherever you go. Create dreamy outfits with My Essence earrings and explore your most iconic side.
  • € 2.090,00 In Stock
    The Style collection is committed to a classic style that contrasts subtle colors like white and beige. We are fascinated by this collection that has timeless pieces like this beautiful steel watch for women. We tell you more details below:
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    A charming set of three circles each adding their own beauty will give the Pandora Logo & Pavé Circle Pendant Charm the perfect excuse to belong in your favourite jewellery set. A charm with movement and light that will steal the eyes of those around you. It is perfect for pairing with your favourite outfit on your Pandora Moments bracelet.
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    An elegant luminous fire dial is the perfect everyday accessory. The Pandora Pavé & Logo Charm will match any look you choose. This dial will make you shine with its own light and you’ll look always beautiful, always Pandora.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    A tree and a heart, two powerful elements that come together to sublimate the unbreakable family bond. Discover the representation of love for family with the Pandora Tree In Heart Charm. Give, or treat yourself to, this beautiful piece of jewellery that will unite you with the heart of the person who wears it.
  • € 29,00 In Stock
    Let the mysticism and magic of the cosmos captivate your attention and take over your look with the Pandora Blue Star Tilted Heart Pendant Charm: a beautiful heart with starry blue sparkles that will radiate light on your Pandora Moments bracelet. Follow the path of the stars and you'll arrive in a wonderful Pandora world.
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Every day you have a new opportunity to shine with the creative designs of the Pandora Universe, and this time we've unveiled the Pandora Shiny Sphere Clip. Add a touch of elegance to your look and turn heads with the charm you'll radiate with this magical charm. 
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    Pay a beautiful tribute to that special being who gave us life and who always brightens our days with a smile. Make a declaration of love with the Pandora All My Love Pendant Charm and give it as a gift to that wonderful woman we call 'Mom'.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    In our mother's warm embrace, we've always found the love and reassurance we needed, and with the Pandora Glittering Balloon Mummy Pendant Charm you'll discover a beautiful way to pay homage to that wonderful woman. Give her this dancing symbol of the beginning of your story.     
  • € 25,00 In Stock
    We were all touched by an angel we know as 'Mom'. In the Pandora Angel Wings Mum´s Charm you'll find a splendid representation of the charisma, sweetness, energy and love of this wonderful being. Show your mother how much she means to you. 
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Bring colour to your days with the Pandora Royal Purple Heart Pendant Charm. Show yourself radiant, dazzle those around you with the sparkles of this colourful heart and make yourself unforgettable in the best Pandora style.
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Dare yourself and tell the world that wonderful love story that you have always wanted to tell. Make it possible with the Pandora Red Heart Pendant Charm. Compatible with your Pandora Moments Bracelet, light up your set of charms with this little big heart, so similar to yours: passionate and sparkling, an extraordinary heart.
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Be captivated by the Pandora Blue Pavé Inclined Heart Pendant Charm: an exquisite heart covered in 14K rose gold, with sky blue sparkles that will radiate your inner light. Transmit the energy of the beats that guide your way in the best Pandora style.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    Celebrate the most special moment of our lives with the Pandora Mom Pendant Charm. Give yourself -or give that great woman- a beautiful jewel that will last over time, an exclusive example of the most extraordinary and sublime feeling there can be: the love of a mother.
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Guide, light and life, this is how we could define this valuable woman, this accomplice of life who deserves absolutely everything from us. Show gratitude and love to this great woman who links worlds with the Pandora Mom's Heart Charm. Surprise her with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will perpetuate the magical bond between you both.
  • € 119,00 In Stock
    A stealthy and reserved bracelet holding a dazzling heart that will make you look elegant and authentic: from the Pandora Moments collection comes the Pandora Gold Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet with all its magnetic energy to recharge your style with those memorable memories so worthy to be highlighted.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    With an exclusive clasp that confirms the eternity of feelings and with an imposing snake chain design, the Pandora Moments collection presents the Pandora Snake Chain Bracelet with Infinity Heart Clasp: a proposal designed for the strong and forceful woman of today who knows how to express her emotions with an elegant determination.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    Pandora presents its Pandora Links Necklace, a jewel that will make you look classic, authentic and subtle. With cross links, you will connect the unique style of Pandora with your ability to create a different look for every day and for every occasion.
  • € 99,00 In Stock
    Throughout History, the heart has been a representative icon with which we transmit to our loved ones different and varied feelings. From the Pandora Moments collection comes the Pandora Golden Heart Necklace, a proposal with a captivating sweetness: It will awake feelings of love to transmit in your environment or to give it as a gift to that special...
  • € 465,00 In Stock
    With a contemporary sporty spirit, the Tissot PRS 516 with black leather strap is that casual yet elegant touch that will accompany you every day. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of Swiss technology and avant-garde style.
  • € 440,00 In Stock
    With an attractive appearance, the Tissot PRS 516 with brown leather strap brings a striking contemporary touch to any everyday look. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of technique and avant-garde style.
  • € 485,00 In Stock
    A sports watch is a piece that will always be ready to accompany you in your casual moments or those more energetic events. Precision and contemporary style come together in this attractive model from the T-Sport collection. Wear it every day and start seeing time in a different way.
  • € 515,00 In Stock
    Your daily life will become more interesting with this Tissot chronograph. With an informal appearance and very resistant materials, the Seastar 1000 Quartz becomes your perfect ally to live time in a different way.
  • € 750,00 In Stock
    Take your daily and sporty life to the next level. This automatic watch runs on the energy of its owner, because the movements of the wrist activate the operation of the mechanism. The Powermatic 80 movement provides a power reserve of 80 hours, which guarantees its accuracy, even if the watch is not worn for three days.
  • Out of stock
    Style and performance are fused in a master watchmaking piece capable of bringing sophistication and functionality to your life. This is the spectacular Tissot Seastar 1000, a watch inspired by diving where its unidirectional bezel, diver's buckle strap and extension, as well as luminescent hands and indexes stand out. Take your routine and your sports...
  • € 2.990,00 In Stock
    On this occasion Messika surprises us with this delicate and elegant necklace with diamonds and rose gold from her Joy Trilogy collection. Do not miss the opportunity, and get the Messika Diamond and Rose Gold Necklace, which will make you look different, unique, and special.
  • € 1.790,00 In Stock
    Surprise everyone with the Rose Gold and Diamond Ring from the Move Uno collection by the Parisian brand Messika. The ring, designed by Valérie Messika, shows elegance and modernity and will be your ideal complement for any event or for your day-to-day life.
  • € 2.480,00 In Stock
    Light up every path you go with this Lucky Move Turquoise Necklace from Messika. The turquoise colour of its medal and the diamond in the centre will make your neck shine in a magical and different way, making you the star of any event with this necklace from the Parisian brand Messika.
  • € 165,00 In Stock
    Love is the universal language that transforms and sublimates everything. This beautiful Dodo charm, arrives to become your most representative amulet, where creativity, colors and harmony are the flag that welcome you to a territory where peace rules.
  • € 170,00 In Stock
    Dodo brings an organic collection where the natural character of the Italian firm emerges. This time the Mini Granelli bracelet for women exquisitely combines fascinating materials that will make your outfits truly captivating.
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