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  • € 1.630,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Ring is one of the star pieces of the Hula Hoop collection. This rose gold alliance is made up of two rings that are joined, as if by magic, with a 0.20ct diamond with an invisible setting on the front and with the famous brand logo on the back.
  • € 2.650,00 In Stock
    The Diamant La Brune & La Blonde Necklace continues to be one of the starring creations of the 360º collection. This rose gold and diamond choker is a delicate piece, elaborated with detail and skill, to decorate your neck with the exquisiteness you deserve. It is a complement that never goes out of style and that you can wear whenever you want.
  • € 790,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Necklace continues to be a fundamental piece in the 360º collection. If you are looking for perfection in a jewel, you will not be surprised with this delicate and subtle piece in white gold and 0.10ct diamond. The house is committed to giving a new touch to this classic and timeless accessory, because its validity...
  • € 790,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Necklace is already a classic in the firm. The French house starts from simplicity to achieve an elegant and sophisticated jewel. The yellow gold chain finishes its delicate design with a precious 0.10ct nude diamond that takes center stage as it is mounted without setting.
  • € 830,00 In Stock
    La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Earrings are a unique and very personal creation. The balance between sophistication and simplicity is a constant in the creations of the French brand. These are earrings in yellow gold and 0.14ct diamonds that stand out for their harmony and proportion.
  • € 2.290,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Earrings arrive in the 360º collection stepping out. The new creation of the French brand this time bets on precious earrings in white gold and 0.40 ct diamonds. It is a dynamic jewel as the bare diamond hangs from the earring to give life to the piece.
  • € 1.510,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Diamond Earrings define the style of the French brand very well. This time, it incorporates to its 360º collection an accessory in yellow gold and 0.20 ct diamond formed by a delicate faceted chain that culminates in the protagonist of this collection: the nude diamond.
  • € 990,00 In Stock
    The La Brune & La Blonde Blue Necklace captivates us with the beautiful range of blues that make it up. The French brand expands its Confetti collection with this jewel in white gold and blue sapphires, a delicate and simple accessory to wear on any occasion and that will add freshness to all your styles.
  • € 990,00 In Stock
    The Rainbow La Brune & La Blonde Necklace is one of the most striking novelties of the Confetti collection. It is a very current and modern accessory that will embellish your neck with vitality and color. This rose gold accessory is decorated with 7 precious stones of different shades: a pink sapphire, a ruby, an orange sapphire, a blue sapphire, a...
  • € 220,00 In Stock
    The Double G Gucci Earrings are part of the GG Marmont collection. They are made up of a series of interesting textures that give it a lot of charm and distinction. In its design you can see the timeless monogram of the Italian firm as well as a bold aged finish. Highlight your simple or daring outfits with these Double GG Earrings.
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    The GG Gucci Ring is a hypnotic piece of jewelry that is part of the GG Marmont collection. It is composed of a design full of impact and textures that make it a special Gucci ring. It is made of 925 silver and has a width of 14 mm. Make your days an eternal Gucci moment.
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    This Gucci GG necklace features several distinctive textures that make it a truly special gem. Crafted in 925 silver with an aged finish and subtle G's intertwined around the chain, this Gucci necklace will become the refreshing highlight of your most daring outfits.
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    The Gucci Key Necklace masterfully reflects the creativity of the Italian firm. It is made of 925 sterling silver, is part of the GG Marmont collection and enhances the vintage beauty of the brand. Find your Gucci moment with this exclusive silver necklace.
  • € 270,00 In Stock
    The Gucci GG Bracelet is a captivating piece of jewelry with beautiful and striking details. It is made with various textures that exalt the timeless symbolism of the Italian firm and with aged 925 silver. This Gucci bracelet will be the wow factor of your most avant-garde outfits.
  • € 220,00 In Stock
    The Gucci Key Bracelet features a series of subtle textures that magnify the design of this creative piece of jewelry. It has a key that interlocks synchronously with the timeless G of the Italian firm. This Gucci bracelet is made of 925 silver with a perfect aged finish.
  • € 2.450,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde Diamond Earrings continue to feature the brand's characteristic nude diamond. This time, we are captivated by the perfection in the design of this accessory in rose gold and 0.40 ct diamonds. The unmistakable mastery in the making of this jewel will not leave you indifferent.
  • € 1.410,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde Diamond Necklace is made with the desire to achieve perfection and delicacy in one piece. This 18kt rose gold and diamond jewel surprises with its elegant design and the fineness that bare diamonds provide. A distinguished accessory for your style.
  • € 3.150,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde 5 Diamond Necklace makes a big splash in the Pampilles collection. This time, the French house of fine jewelry creates a piece of indisputable beauty. It is the accessory in white gold with 5 diamonds that adorn the bar on which the necklace ends. This jewel is perfect to wear on your most elegant occasions.
  • € 2.050,00 In Stock
    With the Le Brune & La Blonde 5 Diamond Necklace, the magical play of sparkles of precious stones will bring luminosity to all your styles. The firm creates this original jewel in rose gold and 5 diamonds thinking especially of you, since its versatility will allow you to wear it with elegance whenever you want.
  • € 2.190,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & la Blonde Diamonds Necklace is crafted with skill and detail. The dual design of this exquisite white gold jewel culminates with two nude diamonds for all the elegance in a subtle and delicate piece.
  • € 470,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde Diamond Bracelet will attract everyone's attention for its simple and distinguished design. It is one of the most striking additions to the 360º Collection of the French firm. It is a bracelet in white gold and 0.07ct diamond that dazzles with its versatility and elegance.
  • € 1.140,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde rigid diamond bracelet comes to the new collection to dazzle you with its compact design. This exclusive rose gold and diamond bracelet is a timeless accessory, as this style of jewelery never goes out of style. The closure of this bracelet is made with a delicate chain that makes it easy to put on.
  • € 470,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde Diamond Bracelet is a new addition to the 360º collection of the world-renowned French brand. The unmistakable and inimitable style of her creations culminates in a subtle and refined piece: the rose gold and 0.07ct diamond bracelet. Le Brunet & La Blonde continue to set trends in the world of jewelry.
  • € 1.290,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & La Blonde Diamond Bracelet stands out for the perfect combination of simplicity and distinction. This time, the French house surprises with the manufacture of a rose gold and diamond bracelet included in the 360º collection. All the elegance gathered in a single piece that can be combined or worn alone.
  • € 730,00 In Stock
    The Le Brune & Le Blonde Diamond Bracelet has the virtue of being timeless, as it can be worn at all times. It is a piece of  rose gold and diamond elaborated with every detail and good taste so that you will surprise even your most informal looks. It is one of the exclusive creations of the 360º collection of the French firm.
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    The creative uniqueness of the Gucci Interlocking G Ring will lend influence to your most daring looks. The ring is wide and is engraved with the motif of the timeless G of the Italian brand. Its design is aged and the texture gives it that hypnotic touch capable of transforming your most casual moments.
  • € 220,00 In Stock
    A hypnotic Gucci ring that faithfully represents the Italian brand. It consists of the Gucci monogram that is drawn across the piece. It is made of 925 silver, and its aged finish recreates the living past of the Gucci brand. Create exclusive looks with the Gucci Double G ring.
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    The prestige of the Gucci spirit is reflected in this distinctive GG necklace. Its textured design brings a contemporary style to the piece, while the aged 925 sterling silver harks back to the brand's origins. This magnificent Gucci necklace will be the point of attention in your outfits and will attract all eyes.
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    Enjoy the power of Gucci energy with this stunning silver GG bracelet. The creation has a wide chain and the GG monogram in the center that gives it avant-garde and exclusivity. The genuine essence of the Gucci signature can be seen stylishly reflected in this magnificent silver bracelet.
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    Feel the untamed energy of the Gucci brand with the silver GG bracelet. Its classic design pays tribute to the founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci, and at the same time merges with the timeless symbol of the brand: the double G. Feel the distinctive touch on your wrist with this Gucci bracelet and reinvent your look.
  • € 2.450,00 In Stock
    Discover the genuine beauty of the details with the Messika Heart Diamond Necklace. This time the Messika brand brings an exquisite design with a diamond solitaire necklace and a magnetic heart motif. Add some harmonic love to your brightest and most special moments.
  • € 4.500,00 In Stock
    Shine like a star on a clear night with this extraordinary Pearl Lucky Move necklace. Valérie Messika offers this time with her Lucky Move collection, a fresh breeze of graphic and modern jewelry. Find your exclusive nature with Messika brand creations.
Showing 1 - 32 of 1291 items

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