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  • € 185,00 In Stock
    Delicacy and simplicity go hand in hand with this new spring-summer 2021 collection from GigiCLOZEAU. In the new collection you will find fantastic jewels like this classic bracelet in rose gold and resin that will not leave you indifferent.
  • € 595,00 In Stock
    The new GigiCLOZEAU spring-summer 2021 collection could not be complete without this elegant 86-centimeter sautoir in rose gold that you can find in infinite colors and that will stylize all your looks.
  • € 420,00 In Stock
    GigiCLOZEAU returns once again to surprise us with its new spring - summer 2021 collection where you will find pieces like this wonderful Gigi Classic Necklace in rose gold, a timeless jewel that you can wear on any occasion.
  • € 355,00 In Stock
    This summer, delicacy and simplicity go hand in hand with this exclusive and beautiful Gigi Classic Necklace in rose gold. Give this necklace a place in your Jewelry box and wear it with whatever feels most comfortable to you.
  • € 2.340,00 In Stock
    Love In Verona is a collection inspired by the most beautiful cities in Italy. And it was to be expected that Roberto Coin once again found inspiration in places of unparalleled beauty, those that could give rise to designs like these yellow gold earrings.
  • € 2.050,00 In Stock
    Yellow gold and flowers are the perfect match. So, we see it in this exquisite yellow gold necklace or pendant Love In Verona by Roberto Coin. Have you ever seen such beautiful pieces? We have loved the entire collection, so much so that we have created personalized collections.
  • € 1.750,00 In Stock
    Palazzo Ducale, the new collection of Roberto Coin that has as protagonist the Ducal Palace of Venice. This is one of the most exquisite collections we have had in Grau, so you can see it in these earrings in rose gold and black diamonds, we are sure you have been looking for them.
  • € 1.280,00 In Stock
    The Gothic style is present in this collection inspired by the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, which bears the same name. This rose gold necklace by Roberto Coin is proof that even in art there are still details worthy of representing in the finest jewelry.
  • € 4.920,00 In Stock
    Rose gold pieces bring out the sweet and subtle side that resides in you, as will this rose gold Princess bracelet by Roberto Coin. Designed to be worn alone or paired with a couple of other Princess bracelets. It is undoubtedly a collection that fills us with tenderness.
  • € 295,00 In Stock
    The new spring - summer 2021 collection from gigiCLOZEAU will not leave you indifferent thanks to the Gigi Classic Necklace in rose gold. On this occasion, she presents us with a classic and elegant necklace that you can add to your daily outfits in a wide variety of colours.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    Dare to be as mysterious as the Charm Treasure Chest Pandora in hand-finished 925 sterling silver. Its little details will remind you of those summer adventures that you will never forget. 
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Moments Collection, with its philosophy of promoting our closest ties, has created the Pandora Footprint Heart Charm. Because your pet has already earned a special place in your heart, now is the time to give it a place in your Pandora Moments bracelet.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    Cultivate your love for nature with the Pandora Watering Can and Shovel Nature Charm. Add this charm to your Pandora Moments bracelet and pay homage to the land that gives us life and joy with the fruits of its harvests. Stay unique and natural with the original Pandora style.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    Elegant, striking and sensitive, a perfect combination to describe you as you feel. Like a pendulum of love, with the Pandora Heart Pendant you will wear a declaration of love close to your heart. Give to your style the sensitivity it deserves.
  • € 79,00 In Stock
    Words are not necessary when you can express yourself with your look. Include this beautiful and subtle two-tone piece among your jewels. From the Pandora Moments Collection, you can choose this delicate gift to yourself or for that especial person to you. Love comes in many presentations and the Pandora Gold Heart Earrings is one of the best.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    Looking for the ideal complement of your outfit, the Pandora Moments Collection creates the Pandora Subtle Charm Heart Ring. This ring will reflect the love and the elegance in your hands. Give shine to your love story and let this beautiful gem to tell it to everyone.
  • € 1.100,00 In Stock
    Fluid like universal love, these Gucci earrings fascinate for their natural way of blending with your casual looks. Let yourself be seduced by the Link to Love collection: a vision of the world where the feminine and masculine cease to exist, to merge into a whole where there are no borders.
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    This flowing Gucci jewel is a symbol of universal love. The Link to Love necklace is made to make you look amazing, always wearing what you feel most comfortable with. Reinvent your vision of jewelry, with accessories that go beyond time and rules.
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    If you are seduced by flowing jewels with an elegant and discreet character, you have found your accessory jewel. Here you have the perfect Gucci necklace that will mark a before and after in your styles.
  • € 1.250,00 In Stock
    This precious jewel exudes Gucci brilliance and prestige. Explore a universe where beauty is the protagonist with the Link to Love collection. Let yourself be embraced by sensations of modern romance with which you will tell stories full of emotion and purity.
  • € 1.250,00 In Stock
    Enter a universe of geometric beauty with this precious Gucci necklace. Feel free to express an exquisite avant-garde with the Link to Love collection: a fresh proposal from the Italian firm that reinvents the way you wear your everyday jewelry.
  • € 890,00 In Stock
    A rose gold bracelet that flows like the purest love. This precious Gucci bracelet is the jewel that will give an avant-garde touch to your casual looks. Be seduced by a Gucci bracelet with understated elegance.
  • € 890,00 In Stock
    This beautiful Link to Love bracelet, flows on your wrist with timeless Gucci shine. It is a bracelet that inspires due to its pure design and its minimalist character. Combine it with other jewelry from the Link to Love collection, and dazzle eternal prestige.
  • € 1.590,00 In Stock
    Once again, Dinh Van presents a unique and fascinating collection. This time it does it through the Dinh Van Pulse necklace made of yellow gold and encrusted diamonds, which resemble the image of an acetate disc that will inspire you musically, enveloping you in a halo of nostalgia.
  • € 950,00 In Stock
    On this occasion, the firm Dinh Van bets for the combination of rose gold and white diamonds, for the elaboration of the Pulse necklace. This jewel worked with the characteristic subtlety of the Maison, will take you through its unique design to a world of musical fantasy through its pendant that resembles an acetate disc.
  • € 950,00 In Stock
    This time Dinh Van presents a unique and fascinating piece, the Pulse necklace made of 18K white gold and white diamonds. This jewel will make you evoke the nostalgia of the music represented in the acetate records, without losing its contemporaneity.
  • € 280,00 In Stock
    Dinh Van offers you the simplicity of leather and the delicacy of white gold in this piece. The Cible bracelet keeps the circular shape in its charm, made for you, lover of versatility. We tell you all the details below:
  • € 3.000,00 In Stock
    The colors are the protagonists of the Maison Pomellato, and its new collection Nudo Gelé has arrived with pieces in vibrant colors, as well as this Pomellato Nudo Gelé ring in rose gold and blue topaz. You will fall in love with it in an instant, take it with you now from Grau Online.
  • € 3.500,00 In Stock
    Nudo is one of the most successful collections of the Maison Pomellato, now, the new additions to the collection under the label Nudo Gelé are pieces in which the icy effect adorns the main stones, such as these Pomellato Nudo Gelé earrings in rose gold and white topaz.
  • € 2.800,00 In Stock
    Pomellato has launched a new line of exclusive jewelry through the Nudo Gelé collection. In almost all of the pieces you will find a frosted stone that creates an icy effect, so you will see it in this Pomellato Nudo Gelé ring in rose gold and white topaz.
  • € 3.800,00 In Stock
    The Nudo Gelé collection features pieces such as these earrings in rose gold, topaz and mother-of-pearl, worked down to the smallest detail. Again, we see in this jewelry the iconic frozen finish of the Gelé line, embodied in turquoise with frosted effect that intensifies the colors of the gems.
  • € 2.800,00 In Stock
    New pieces are added to Pomellato's Nudo collection, this time under the variable Nudo Gelé with colorful pieces designed with stones such as topaz, quartz and turquoise. This Pomellato Nudo Gelé ring in rose and white gold has an exquisite lemon quartz, we tell you more details below.
Showing 1 - 32 of 2223 items

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