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  • € 390,00 In Stock
    Beat in unison with the stars is possible with the cosmic Stellina necklace. Travel to your essence with jewelry that has the gift of transforming your mood into something positive and bright. Your daily life will be something extraordinary with DoDo!
  • € 1.590,00 In Stock
    Your wrist will be the showcase of a true work of art: it is the inspiring Stellina bracelet for women, a piece of Dodo jewelry, crafted with mastery and delicacy. Show off the cosmos and feel infinite with jewelry that lasts forever.
  • € 310,00 In Stock
    As delicate as the trail of a shooting star in the sky, the Dodo bracelet adds cosmos charm to your wrist. The Stellina collection finds inspiration in the organic shapes that sublimate and move us and turns them into jewelry for life. Shine unstoppably wherever you go with the Stellina bracelet!
  • € 250,00 In Stock
    Feel comfortable and sublime wearing this beautiful sidereal element. With organic shapes and an exquisite looking design, this
  • € 780,00 In Stock
    Add to your cosmic and eternal world a piece of wonderful sidereal spirit with organic shapes. The Dodo ros
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Death Star Clip is Pandora’s latest creation. It is a beautiful piece of 925 sterling silver made with all the details and inspirated by the most recognized space station in the Star Wars saga. Ideal so that your charms don’t move and to give a modern touch to your looks.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Leaf Ring is inspired by the simple beauty of nature for its making. The brand captivates us with the creation of an exclusive ring in 14k rose gold and clear cubic zirconia. The new Pandora collection includes this and many other rings for women.
  • € 1.250,00 In Stock
    My Essence is an emblematic collection inspired by diversity, cultures, beliefs and shapes. The
  • € 540,00 In Stock
    Be inspired and perpetuate your faith in a brilliant way. Grau stud earrings create
  • € 970,00 In Stock
    With an angelic spirit, the My Essence earrings
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    In these attractive My Essence earrings
  • € 390,00 In Stock
    The eternal spirit of the sea will rock your looks with the amazing My Essence Earrings
  • € 395,00 In Stock
    There is no nicer feeling than wearing earrings that remind you of your essence in a simple yet refined way. These
  • € 220,00 In Stock
    Inspiring you to fly, the Grau butterfly earrings
  • € 130,00 In Stock
    Inspiring, pure and crafted by master jewelers, the My Essence earrings
  • € 1.350,00 In Stock
    The precious organic shapes that characterize these earrings My Essence
  • € 165,00 In Stock
    Minimalism expressed in a refined way, is the bet of the My Essence collection
  • € 730,00 In Stock
    Fascinate yourself with jewelry that reminds you of your essence. My Essence is one of the flagship collect
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Grogu Charm features the moving and well-known character of the Mandalorian inside a crib. It is a piece in 925 sterling silver and black enamel applied by hand to highlight the eyes so characteristic of this character. Compatible with your Pandora Moments bracelet. 
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Disney Tiana Charm is a jewel with handcrafted finishes that stands out for its delicacy and precision in its details. It is an accessory in 925 sterling silver with green and gold enamels that decorates the dress and the headband of one of the most striking Disney princesses. 
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Disney Cinderella Charm is a precious exceptional jewel in 925 sterling silver with blue enamel handcrafted that decorates the princess’s headband, earrings, and dress. A piece made with detail compatible with your Pandora Moments bracelet.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Disney Ariel Charm comes with strength and personality to the Pandora Disney collection. It is a complement in 925 sterling silver and green and purple enamels in the train, dress and hair that gives vitality to the piece. Compatible with the Pandora Moments bracelet.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Disney Jasmine Charm is a handmade jewel that will captivate you with its details. Pandora surprises us this time with an exceptional 925 sterling silver accessory with gold and blue enamel that brings light and colour to the piece. Perfect for your Pandora Moments bracelet.
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Leia and Han Solo Charm in one of the stellar pieces of this collection. It is a jewel in 925 sterling silver with Han Solo and Princess Leia as the protagonist that immortalize one of the most special moments of the saga: the kiss; and behind, the Millennium Falcon. The sides are adorned with the beautiful inscription “I Love You” and “I know”.
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    With the Pandora Yoda Charm the brand expands its exclusive collection inspired by the Star Wars Saga. On this occasion, the brand surprises us with a pendant charm with two discs of 925 sterling silver and green enamel that simulates the forest whose protagonist is the unmistakeable Yoda.
  • € 49,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Disney Rapunzel Charm is an exceptional piece made by hand with all the details. It is an accessory in 925 sterling silver with purple enamel inspired by the intelligence and courage of the Disney princess Rapunzel. Ideal for your Pandora Moments bracelet.  
  • € 39,00 In Stock
    Recharge your Pandora bracelet with good times, give that touch of fresh breeze to your favorite charms and include the Pandora Palm & Coconut Palm Pendant Charm as a tribute to that summer when the sun shone for you. Or give it as a gift to that special person who shared those unforgettable vacations with you.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    The Pandora Millennium Falcon Charm is an exceptional creation of the brand. It is a pendant charm in 925 sterling silver and 14k second grade gold compatible with your Pandora Moments Bracelet. The pendant ring is carefully decorated with clear cubic zircons and the Millennium Falcon and the Star Wars logo hang from it.   
  • € 6.500,00 In Stock
    The beauty of these precious Fantina Pomellato earrings lies in their sinuous curves that evoke the equestrian world. This uniquely inspired design is designed for you to explore your equestrian side in day or evening attire. Highlight your love for minimalism and the refined beauty of form with the timeless Fantina earrings.
  • € 3.500,00 In Stock
    A universe of possibilities will be drawn before you thanks to the Fantina Rose Gold Pomellato earrings. With a sinuous design inspired by the equestrian world, you will be able to wear in your favorite looks, minimalist and contemporary pieces that match your Amazonian personality.
  • Out of stock
    You will love the Nudo earrings for two reasons: first, because they are the version of the most iconic Pomellato Knot ring; and second, because they have a really tempting look, given by their technique and their unparalleled nuances. Meet your next eternal love, with the Amethyst Knot earrings.
  • € 5.500,00 In Stock
    Your outfits will take on iconic status with Pomellato's Nudo Pomellato earrings. Why? Because they make an impact with their essential, contemporary style and demonstrate Pomellato's passion for color by choosing delicious chocolate tones that create an atmosphere of preciousness in any pioneering look you want to wear.
Showing 1 - 32 of 2394 items

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