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  • € 150,00 In Stock
    Ladybug charm in 9k rose gold and pink enamel by Dodo. The new limited version of the most beloved charm of the Italian firm, is made with a beautiful pink enamel. A black cord is included with the pendant.
  • € 190,00 In Stock
    9K rose gold bee pendant and dodo fluorescent pink enamel. The charm of the Natura collection is a limited edition and is made in 3D that makes it more real than ever. The pink bee comes with a black lace.
  • € 130,00 In Stock
    The limited edition dodo bracelet is made from recycled plastics that have been collected from the Mediterranean Sea. The bracelet from the Granelli collection is stainless steel and has a medal with an enameled coral.
  • € 4.500,00 In Stock
    18K white and pink gold ring with diamonds and blue topaz and agate from the Nudo Deep Blue collection by Pomellato. The new combination of blue topaz and agate stones captures the wonderful colors of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. The ring has 58 0.73 ct diamonds set. approximately that stand out for their luminosity.
  • € 3.800,00 In Stock
    London blue topaz and agate ring in 18K white and eose gold by Nudo Petit de Pomellato. The ring with the central London blue topaz stone and agate is 7.4 ct in size. approximately and its sea blue color transports us to the Mediterranean coast. The white gold ring arm is set with 36 0.5 ct diamonds. approximately. Check the availability of sizes.
  • € 8.200,00 In Stock
    Open 18-carat pink gold ring with white, black and brown diamond discs. The new Sabbia ring by Pomellato is characterized by the mobility of the three discs that oscillate with each hand gesture. The ring has a total of 111 diamonds weighing 1.6 ct in total. approximately.
  • € 5.000,00 In Stock
    The blue and turquoise topaz ring is from the Nudo Deep Blue collection, a blast of sea blue. The ring in 18K white gold has a set of 58 natural 0.73 ct white diamonds. approximately. Blue and turquoise 10 ct topaz stone. it is held in an 18-carat pink gold staple. Check with us the available sizes.
  • € 55,00 In Stock
    Pig and Hen bracelet from the Sharp Simon collection in coral red and navy blue. The bracelet has a width of 9 mm and its clasp is made of black blued steel and it is 4mm in size. The size of the bracelet is L, which corresponds to 20cm.
  • € 80,00 In Stock
    Steel men's bracelet and authentic sky blue boat rope from Pig & Hen. The Amsterdam firm is inspired by the figure of the leaders to create the Navarch collection. The bracelet is size XL, for a wrist size of 21 cm.
  • € 55,00 In Stock
    9mm wide rope bracelet with silver-colored stainless steel clasp from Pîg & Hen. The bracelet is handmade in Amsterdam with authentic boat rope, making it very resistant. The bracelet is a size L that corresponds to a 20 cm wrist, download the meter here.
  • € 2.620,00 In Stock
    Romantic ring in 18K white gold and natural diamonds by Roberto Coin. The ring with two delineated diamond flowers is from the Diamond Princess collection. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.68 ct. and its quality is GVSI, it also includes the 0.02 ct ruby, icon of the Italian firm.
  • € 1.060,00 In Stock
    Sophisticated white gold and diamond necklace set from Roberto Coin's Diamond Princess collection. The flower pendant has the outlined petals of natural diamonds and has dimensions of 10mm x 10m. The 18K white gold chain is adjustable from 450mm to 420mm to obtain the desired length.
  • € 3.910,00 In Stock
    Two-round 18k rose gold earrings, one set with natural diamonds and the other with black jade stone. Roberto Coin's earrings are from the Black Jade collection, characterized by its vintage touch and innovative cut, thus creating modern and elegant jewelry.
  • € 1.370,00 In Stock
    Elegant black jade ring in 18k rose gold from Roberto Coin. The minimalist design ring is an explosion of energy and mystery thanks to its large 3.95 ct black jade stone. The ring also has a 0.02 ct ruby inside to encourage good luck and happiness.
  • € 2.420,00 In Stock
    Vintage pink gold, black jade and diamond necklace from the Roberto Coin Black Jade collection. The eight-shaped pendant has a ring with natural diamonds set by hand and another ring with a black jade stone. It also includes a hidden ruby in the chain clasp as an amulet.
  • € 2.480,00 In Stock
    18-carat rose gold ring with two diamond flowers and mother of pearl by Roberto Coin. The petals of the large flower are mother of pearl and the flower has a central cross with diamonds. The small flower is set with natural diamonds, the ring has a total of 29 0.27 carat GVS quality diamonds. The measurement of the ring is size 53.
  • € 1.490,00 In Stock
    Roberto Coin flower ring from the Venetian Princess collection made of 18-carat rose gold and mother of pearl on the flower petals. The spectacular ring has a cross in the center of the flower with natural diamonds set. The ring is size 54.
  • € 1.540,00 In Stock
    Elegant Roberto Coin earrings with a flower shape and mother-of-pearl petals from the Venetian Princess collection. The earrings have a natural diamond cross running through the center and each of the petals is outlined with the 18-carat rose gold twisted thread technique.
  • € 1.270,00 In Stock
    Sophisticated mother-of-pearl flower necklace with a central diamond cross by Roberto Coin. The 18-carat rose gold pendant is from the Venetian Princess collection inspired by the natural beauty of flowers. The rose gold chain is 450mm long and can be adjusted to 420mm.
  • € 1.510,00 In Stock
    Beautiful flower-shaped diamond ring from the Flower Princess collection by Roberto Coin. The ring in 18K yellow gold and brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid in the petals is handmade. In addition to diamonds, the ring has a hidden ruby for health and happiness. The total weight of diamonds is 0.19 ct and the size of the ring is 54.
  • € 1.520,00 In Stock
    Flower ring in 18-carat white gold and diamonds embedded in the petals of Roberto Coin. The ring is characterized by the use of the twisted thread technique that is used in all the pieces of the Flower Princess collection. The diamonds are set in brilliant GVS quality and weigh 0.19 ct. and the ring is a size 56.
  • € 1.010,00 In Stock
    Roberto Coin 18k yellow gold and diamond flower shaped earrings. The Flower Princess collection has turned the flower icon into its main inspiration, and these sleepers stand out for having 8 0.096-carat GVS natural diamonds set in their petals.
  • € 1.020,00 In Stock
    Classic white gold earrings in the shape of a flower and diamonds set in the petals. Roberto Coin craftsmen use the braided wire technique that embellishes all the jewels in the Flower Princess collection. The earrings have two 0.04 carat rubies hidden as a symbol of the Italian firm.
  • € 1.590,00 In Stock
    Flower pendant in 18k rose gold and black diamonds on the petals of Roberto Coin. The necklace belongs to the Princess Flower collection that is inspired by the beauty of flowers. The flower is handcrafted with black diamonds on its petals and weighs 0.21 ct.
  • € 840,00 In Stock
    18-carat yellow gold bracelet set with a central flower and diamond petals set by Roberto Coin. The bracelet is adjustable from 17 cm to 16 cm and has another smaller flower at the end of the chain. In the clasp of the bracelet is the hidden ruby of   Roberto Coin to wish a life full of happiness to its wearer.
  • € 1.440,00 In Stock
    Fine white gold chain bracelet with flower in the center set with natural diamonds. The Roberto Coin bracelet includes another small flower at the end of the clasp and the length of the bracelet is adjustable from 170 cm to 16 cm. The center flower is 14mm wide x 14mm high and the diamonds are brilliant in GVS quality and weigh 0.19 ct.
  • € 69,00 In Stock
    Classic ring with open and rounded shapes that symbolize the flight of eastern birds. The silver plated metal ring is from Unode50's JAPAN collection. On this occasion, the Spanish firm has been inspired by the Japanese country and its know-how to create this classic and elegant collection. The ring size is 15.
  • € 79,00 In Stock
    Elegant open ring that represents the graceful flight of a swallow. Unode50's Japan Collection has oriental inspiration and marks a minimalist style. The gold plated metal ring is made 100% in Spain and following the values ​​of the free spirit of the firm. The ring size is 18 and it is available in various sizes.
  • € 89,00 In Stock
    Unode50 ring with blue Swarovski crystals. The silver plated metal ring is from the Japan collection, inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami. Use the elegant ring to complete your own style day or night. The ring size is 15, available in various sizes.
  • € 109,00 In Stock
    Yellow gold plated ring from the Unode50 JAPAN collection with dazzling rectangular-shaped burgundy crystals from Swarovski. The design of this elegant ring is inspired by the culture of Japan, so this jewel is perfect for your most sophisticated looks. The ring size is 15, available in various sizes.
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    Milanaise mesh bracelet in sterling silver and snap closure. The bracelet from the Pandora Reflexions collection is a sure hit for unmistakable women. Combine charms and clips of different colors for a more modern look.
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    Pandora Reflexions silver bracelet. The bracelet is a flat Milanaise design and has a width of 6.9 mm. Discover the charms for your Pandora Reflexions bracelet at Grau Jewelry online.
Showing 1 - 32 of 1110 items

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