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  • € 465,00 In Stock
    With a contemporary sporty spirit, the Tissot PRS 516 with black leather strap is that casual yet elegant touch that will accompany you every day. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of Swiss technology and avant-garde style.
  • € 440,00 In Stock
    With an attractive appearance, the Tissot PRS 516 with brown leather strap brings a striking contemporary touch to any everyday look. Let yourself be impressed by a piece full of technique and avant-garde style.
  • € 485,00 In Stock
    A sports watch is a piece that will always be ready to accompany you in your casual moments or those more energetic events. Precision and contemporary style come together in this attractive model from the T-Sport collection. Wear it every day and start seeing time in a different way.
  • € 515,00 In Stock
    Your daily life will become more interesting with this Tissot chronograph. With an informal appearance and very resistant materials, the Seastar 1000 Quartz becomes your perfect ally to live time in a different way.
  • € 750,00 In Stock
    Take your daily and sporty life to the next level. This automatic watch runs on the energy of its owner, because the movements of the wrist activate the operation of the mechanism. The Powermatic 80 movement provides a power reserve of 80 hours, which guarantees its accuracy, even if the watch is not worn for three days.
  • Out of stock
    Style and performance are fused in a master watchmaking piece capable of bringing sophistication and functionality to your life. This is the spectacular Tissot Seastar 1000, a watch inspired by diving where its unidirectional bezel, diver's buckle strap and extension, as well as luminescent hands and indexes stand out. Take your routine and your sports...
  • € 3.150,00 In Stock
    The ultimate diver's watch with a sporty look and technical design that remains true to the iconic Aquaracer heritage. This imposing and functional Professional 300 TAG Heuer model features a sleek new 36mm case that fuses ingenious geometry and satin textures.
  • € 1.500,00 In Stock
    A masterful timepiece with a quartz movement that will become an essential accessory for your daily activities and sports. If you are looking for technique, flawless design and readability, this Aquaracer TAG Heuer is your ultimate accessory.
  • € 11.500,00 In Stock
    The Omega Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold Watch is exceptional. Omega wanted to pay tribute to his innovative character by creating a version of his diver's watch with a surprising new alloy: Bronze Gold. Discover this watch at Grau Jewelry.
  • € 6.100,00 In Stock
    This beautiful OMEGA Seamaster is fully equipped to enhance the lifestyle of a whole generation of adventurers. Inspired by the Seamaster 300 first launched in 1957, this new model designed especially for divers and professionals has updated features to enhance your adventure or everyday life as you deserve.
  • € 6.100,00 In Stock
    The Omega 41 mm Seamaster 300 Watch is the new version of the legendary watch that Omega designed especially for divers in 1957. This new update carries with it the adventurous spirit of then, with a renewed image and improved features. Find out in our online jewelry Grau.
  • € 6.500,00 In Stock
    The exclusive OMEGA 300 Seamaster arrives to revolutionize your everyday with advanced technology and design. Inspired by the first Seamaster 300 from 1957, this modern version delivers a masterful timepiece that will always be ready for adventure.
  • Out of stock
    Remaining faithful to its philosophy of creating original and functional watches for everyday use, Casio expands its range of possibilities within the G-Shock collection with a bright and colourful proposal. The Casio The Origin Watch bears the unmistakable stamp of quality and design of the Japanese brand, and combining history with avant-gardism, it is...
  • € 149,00 In Stock
    You will look authentic and eye-catching with the new Casio G-Squad Sports Fluor Green GBD-200-9ER, a versatile and adaptable watch for every occasion. Ideal for adventure seekers who need more than just a watch, here's an ally that will take you to the next level. From their G-Shock collection, with this Casio G-Squad watch you'll train like a pro.
  • € 149,00 In Stock
    With a thickness of 15 mm, and with a sleek and attractive look, the Casio G-Squad Sports Blue Watch takes on its own versatility and it’s sure it turn heads whether you're training outdoors or in your everyday routine. Wear it with you at all times: you won't notice it, but the other persons will.
  • € 149,00 In Stock
    Find your own best version with the Casio G-Squad Sports Black Watch, a very complete companion that will help you to raise the pace of everyday demands. Equipped with Bluetooth® technology, you can easily connect to your most sporty profile and follow the evolution of your training sessions on your smartphone.
  • € 139,00 In Stock
    Functional, striking and resistant, this is the Casio G-Shock Gold Dial Watch, a unique proposal from the Japanese firm designed to captivate the attention of all those who cross your path. Without forgetting a solid and effective functionality, this modern and versatile watch will always stand out with its own light on your wrist, no matter where you are.
  • € 129,00 In Stock
    Within the Casio Universe, the G-Shock Watch GA-2200 Orange is more than a simple mechanism that tells the time: it is an extension of ourselves, a sophisticated analogue and digital distinctive that will reflect our most adventurous personality and that will take on its full meaning when it accompanies us on our outdoor routes.
  • € 129,00 In Stock
    Water-resistant (20 bar) and shock-resistant, and with a compact and sporty design, this Casio digital analogue watch, from the G-Shock GA-2200 series, will be the ideal companion for your outdoor activities. And with its dynamic and versatile look, you can also wear it in your everyday life, adding a bold and energetic touch to your look.
  • Out of stock
    Tudor always surprises and this time it would be no different. In its new collection you can find watches as beautiful as this Tudor Royal Oystersteel 41 Watch, the definitive accessory for your wrist.
  • € 3.290,00 In Stock
    The Tudor Black Bay Bordeaux Watch with aged leather strap, black dial and burgundy red bezel will accompany you wherever you go thanks to its reliability and robustness, identifying characteristics of Tudor watches. Find your ideal watch at Jewelry Grau.
  • € 4.480,00 In Stock
    The new Tudor Black Bay Ceramic has arrived, a watch with extraordinary characteristics that symbolizes the firm's most technical know-how. Be amazed by its impressive matte black ceramic case, its Manufacture Caliber and the Master Chronometer certificate awarded by METAS.
  • € 4.270,00 In Stock
    The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Watch is inspired by the chronographs of the 1970s. This legendary men's watch has been redesigned keeping the curves and original look, but in a renewed version and with the latest technology from the Swiss firm.
  • € 399,99 In Stock
    With the Venu collection Garmin gets even more loyal customers, and is that models like this smartwatch with GPS or watch steel and black silicone meets the expectations of anyone who wants to keep detailed track of their performance, as well as to measure data from their sports applications.
  • Out of stock
    Wear the mystical radiance of eternity, right on your wrist. This beautiful Casio MT-G watch arrives with the colors of the rainbow and the brightness of the cosmos, to provide you with innovation in a very resistant piece with functionalities that will inspire you to live your day with powerful energy.
  • € 30,00 In Stock
    This Casio accompanies your freshest and most urban outfits, with all the tools you need to get to everything on time. It is an ideal Casio Collection watch to complete your informal looks in a carefree way.
  • € 59,00 In Stock
    Living up to its philosophy, Casio has the new Elegant Vintage Casio Mini. A mix of 'creativity and contribution'. Giving comfort and utility to women with style. It is not a watch, it is a company that through its innovative technology, facilitates our day-to-day life and embellishes our best outfits.
  • € 1.590,00 In Stock
    Harder and more resistant, this is how this Casio GMW-B5000 Watch is presented. Endowed with the genuine characteristic DNA of the original G_SHOCK, and nurtured with innovative technology, CASIO offers in this version an exclusive titanium alloy providing greater resistance to corrosion. It is complemented by an ion plating process and a mirror polished...
  • € 229,00 In Stock
    A powerful Japanese fusion that embodies the ideal of elegance, technology and energy in a single watch. This watch with analog functionality provides versatility for today's dynamic man. With their representative black and red colors of the Honda F1 crew, they attract the attention and get the adrenaline of lovers to this world of adventure. Join them!
  • € 599,00 In Stock
    With a youthful and elegant touch, in black and gray tones, the Casio Edifice AlphaTauri design is presented. An accurate, eye-catching, robust and durable watch integrated with the Cordura Band giving it strength and style. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and carbon fiber bezel, protected in its solid stainless-steel case, are some of the...
  • € 269,00 In Stock
    Precision, resistance, robustness and elegance: these are some of the many features that you can wear on your wrist with the Casio Scuderia AlphaTauri watch. For those men who put time in their favor and who recognize the importance of technology, Casio presents an innovative design with multiple functions, turning a watch into a great company for the day...
  • € 945,00 In Stock
    It is a sporty model, made with elements such as steel and ceramic designed for aquatic spaces. The Hamilton Watch Khaki Navy Navy Scuba Auto steel watch has the resistance of immersion up to 300 meters deep, wich makes it ideal for a day of fishing as well as for a day of diving.
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